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Niobium Scrap & Niobium Alloy Scrap


Niobium scrap (Nb Scrap) and niobium alloy scrap (Nb Alloy Scrap) is still referred as the metal columbium for some U.S. producers. Niobium scrap and niobium alloy scrap is mostly recycled from products of niobium scrap or niobium alloy scrap bearing steels and superalloys. Since there has been no significant niobium mining since the late 1950s it is important for Monico alloys to recycle such valuable scrap metal such as niobium scrap and niobium alloy scrap.

When recycled at Monico Alloys, niobium scrap and niobium alloy scrap are used for high-tech equipment and power. Niobium scrap and niobium alloy scrap is used in arc-welding rods for stabilized grades of stainless steel and even in advanced air frame systems of the Gemini space program. When looking at the future, niobium scrap and niobium alloy scrap are recycled, the element has superconductive properties that offer hope of direct large-scale generation of electric power.

Today there is a global trade in the buying and selling of high temperature scrap alloys in which Monico Alloys plays an active part. The forecasts are that the volume for both buyers and sellers will continue to increase.

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