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Titanium Bulk Weldable & Titanium Solids

Both titanium bulk weldable scrap and titanium solids are a vital part of the reusable metal industry. Essentially, titanium bulk weldable scrap is formed from titanium scrap of other titanium products. For example, titanium bulk weldable scrap is found in many metal scrap products but the majority is recovered from feedstock forms, clips, turnings, billet ends and reject forgings. In the end, most of the titanium bulk weldable scrap is reused in the vacuum-arc remelting process, but there are still many more uses for these valuable forms of titanium bulk weldable scrap throughout the world today.

In the case of titanium solids the uses and processes is very similar to titanium bulk weldables. Titanium solids consist of clean sorted titanium solid scrap. All titanium solids are reusable or recycled from a variety of sources. For example, titanium solids are found in titanium bulk weldable scrap as well as feedstock forms and turnings. After being recycled, titanium solids are used in Ingot production and in the vacuum-arc remelting processes. Monico buys and sells these forms of titanium scrap and processes and carries and sizeable inventory of titanium and its alloys.