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Monico Alloys - California, USA

Monico Alloys - High Temperature Scrap Alloy Specialists

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Beryllium & Beryllium Alloys
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Hafnium & Hafnium Alloys
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Monico Alloys has specialized from its inception in the scrap metal industry in the collection and preparation of superalloy scrap for recycling. Scrap metal trading is based on trust so whether you are buying or selling High Temperature Scrap alloys please contact us for prompt and reliable evaluations.

Since Monico Alloys is a specialist in scrap metal trading, we offer a wide variety of commercially pure specialty metals, such as:
Titanium Special Feature Titanium Special Feature
as well as alloys based by these metals. All according to international specifications and ISO 9001 certification. Monico also buys and sells these various forms of scrap materials:
Our international customer base includes specialty steel mills, superalloy ingot makers and casting foundries worldwide, who in turn, make products that support the following industries:
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear
  • Petrol Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Food Processing
  • Pollution Control Systems
  • Recreational Equipment

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Monico Alloys process High Temperature metal and alloy scrap. A Global mill processor located in Los Angeles, USA, we buy and sell Exotic and High Temperature metals.
Call or email us to get immediate pricing USA (310) 928-0168. Monico Alloys is a trusted scrap processor with onsite laboratory and accurate settlements.