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Nickel Scrap & Nickel Alloy Scrap


When thinking of nickel scrap (Ni Scrap) and nickel alloy Scrap (Ni Alloy Scrap) many people dont think of it past the American currency of a nickel. Nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap plays a key role in chemical and aerospace industries and well as constituting a vital role in the making of stainless steel.

Along with iron and cobalt, nickel is known as ferro-magnetic. When combined with the other metals and scrap metals, nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap produce an unusually strong magnet. Nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap can also be combined with other metals to conduct heat and electricity.

Close to 90,000 tons of nickel is recovered by recycling stainless steel and other nickel-iron alloys such as nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap. Nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap recycling at Monico Alloys plays a vital role in the recycling process of nickel since close to 40% of the nickel used each year is from recycled nickel scrap, nickel alloy scrap and scrap metal products.

Today there is a global trade in the buying and selling of high temperature scrap alloys in which Monico Alloys plays an active part. The forecasts are that the volume for both buyers and sellers will continue to increase.

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Nickel & Copper Alloys
70Cu-30Ni 90Cu-10Ni
R-Monel K-Monel
Cast Monel  

Nickel & Nickel Alloys
80% Ni-20% CR IN100
Alloy 42 Inconel 600
Alloy 454 (PWA 1480) Inconel 617
B-1900 (PWA 663) Inconel 625
C101 Inconel 713C (PWA 655)
C263 Inconel 718
C1023 Inconel X750
GMR 235 Inconel 738
GTD 222 Inconel 792
Hastelloy B M252
Hastelloy C MAR-M 002
Hastelloy D MAR-M 200 (PWA 664)
Hastelloy F MAR-M 246
Hastelloy N MAR-M 247
Hastelloy S Pure Nickel
Hastelloy W PWA 1484
Hastelloy X Rene 41
Incoloy 800 Rene 77
Incoloy 801 Rene 80
Incoloy 903 Rene 95
Incoloy 907 Waspaloy
Incoloy 909