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Monel Scrap – Monico Alloys

Monel scrap is a vital part of the reusable metal industry.  Since Monel scrap is much more expensive than typical stainless steel scrap metal, it is important to recycle Monel scrap as much as possible.  Monel scrap can be found in flat and solid mill shapes including Monel sheet, Monel plate, Monel flat bar and Monel round bar.

Monel scrap is primarily composed of nickel (65 to 70 percent), copper (20 to 29 percent), and also contains manganese and iron, as well as trace amounts of other compounds.  Monel scrap properties include being highly corrosion and rust resistant.  Other characteristics of recycled Monel scrap include being stronger than steel, highly resistant to acids, can be soldered, brazed and welded, and is malleable.

Monel scrap can be recycled and used in both musical instruments and marine applications.  Monel scrap is recycled at Monico Alloys for use in marine industry products such as pump impellers, piping systems, strainer baskets and trolling wire.  Other uses for Monel scrap include valve pistons in high quality trumpets, electric bass guitar strings, heat exchangers, fasteners, fittings, shafts, pumps and valves, to name a few.

Below is a list of Monel scrap that Monico Alloys handles:

  • Monel 401
  • Monel 404
  • Monel 405 (R Monel)
  • Monel 500 (K Monel)
  • Cast Monel
  • Monel 505

Today there is a global trade in the buying and selling of high temperature scrap alloys in which Monico Alloys plays an active part.  The forecasts are that the volume for both buyers and sellers will continue to increase.

So whether you need to buy alloy scrap or sell a quantity of alloy scrap, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 928-0168 or