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Special Feature: Titanium scrap

One of the main areas of expertise for Monico Alloys it the recycling of titanium scrap. With the large amount of titanium being bought on a daily basis, there is also a large amount of titanium scrap that needs to be recycled from these various forms. Titanium scrap is a very useful when recycled with its properties of corrosion resistance (saltwater propeller shafts), high melting temperature and hard but lightweight makeup. These properties continue to make titanium scrap one of the highest demanded recycled products in the world today. Monico alloys buy and sells Titanium (Ti) scrap to clients all around the world.

Even with a wide variety of uses, titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap have few substitutes or competition for their unique properties. Being such a high temperature scrap metal and high temperature alloy scrap makes titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap hard to replace. At Monico Alloys we process and maintain good inventory of titanium (Ti) scrap and titanium alloy scrap for sale.