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High Temperature scrap Metal Overview

Buying & Selling High Temperature scrap Metal (Hi Temp scrap)

Monico Alloys specializes in brokerage of High Temperature scrap metal and their related alloys. In the scrap metal industry this is often referred to, or known as, Hi Temp scrap. High temperature scrap metal is valuable and so commercially traded around the world creating an opportunity for alloy production and recycling of these Hi Temp scrap metals.

The specialized high temperature scrap metal types Monico most commonly trade in are listed on the site but having our own Titanium processing plant allows us to especially procure Titanium Solids and Titanium Bulk weldable and so produce Commercially Pure Titanium, often referred to as CP Titanium and its associated alloys.

Sources of High Temperature scrap metal & alloys

There are two main sources of High temperature scrap metal:

1. Industrial scrap Metal is created through a manufacturing process, such as stamping, drilling or shearing.

2. Home scrap Metal is generated as steel mills and foundries from new products.

Monico Alloys procures both Home scrap and Industrial scrap Metal.

High Temperature scrap Metal Chemistries and melting points

Certain types of high temperature scrap metal are used in the brazing of carbides, cast irons, steel and other ferrous metals and alloys. Some types of High temperature scrap metal are also suited for the brazing and heat treating in combination of other various metal and alloy to create unique chemistries and characteristics.

When it comes to heating high temperature scrap metal, the amount of heat require to start the breakdown process varies with the different types of metals and alloys. Most high temperature scrap metal starts to melt into a liquid form between 1,500 F (800C) and 1,800F (980 C). Every high temperature scrap metal has different temperature strength, unique reusable application and characteristics. The different melting points and chemistries are in critical in deciding what each high temperature alloy is bested suited for in a recycled, and reusable state.

Monico Alloys buys and sells a complete range of commercial high temperature scrap metal and high temperature alloys for industrial use. To see a complete list of chemistries please ask for our ALLOY GUIDE from the sales department.