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Recycled scrap Metal – Monico Alloys

Monico Alloys specializes in recycled scrap metal of various types and forms.  High temperature recycled scrap metal processed by Monico Alloys can be found in flat and solid mill shapes including sheet, plate, flat and round bar, wire and strip, to name a few.  Two main sources of high temperature recycled scrap metal are industrial scrap metal, which is created through a manufacturing process such as shearing, drilling or stamping; and home scrap metal, which is generated at foundries and steel mills from new product manufacture.

The aerospace, metalworking, automotive, ceramics, electronics, oil and gas, health and environmental, energy, flue gas desulfurization and pharmaceutical sectors of industry are just some of the sources of recycled scrap metal recycled by Monico Alloys. The manufacture and production of aircraft engine seal rings, casings, duct segments, containment rings, fasteners, gas turbine parts, older gas turbines, and rocket engines are some of the components from which recycled scrap metal can be obtained and recycled at Monico Alloys.  Recycled scrap metal is also recycled by Monico Alloys from heat-treating components, industrial heating parts, expansion joints, chemical process industry bellows, pressure vessels, and pipes and valves in chemical industry applications. 

Below is a list of types of recycled scrap metal that Monico Alloys handles:

Today there is a global trade in the buying and selling of high temperature scrap alloys in which Monico Alloys plays an active part.  The forecasts are that the volume for both buyers and sellers will continue to increase.  Monico Alloys buys and sells a complete range of commercial high temperature recycled scrap metal for industrial use.

So whether you need to buy alloy scrap or sell a quantity of alloy scrap, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 928-0168 or info@monicoalloys.com.