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Kovar scrap & Kovar Alloy scrap – Monico Alloys

Kovar scrap and Kovar alloy scrap are vital parts of the reusable metal industry.  Kovar scrap and Kovar alloy scrap are typically composed of 53 percent iron, 29 percent nickel, 17 percent cobalt, 0.3 percent manganese, and 0.2 percent silicon.  Kovar is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology Corporation; Kovar scrap and Kovar alloy scrap are vacuum melted, low expansion, iron/nickel/cobalt alloy that has a chemical composition which is controlled within relatively narrow margins to insure uniform thermal expansion properties.  Kovar scrap and Kovar alloy scrap processed by Monico Alloys can be found in flat and solid mill shapes including Kovar sheet, Kovar rod, Kovar round bar, Kovar tube, Kovar strip, and Kovar wire.

Monico Alloys recycles Kovar scrap and Kovar alloy scrap in all forms, including a broad range of electronic and semiconductor industry components, such as metal parts bonded to hard glass envelopes in vacuum tubes, hermetically sealed packages for both discrete and integrated circuit packages, transistor leads and headers, high-power transmitting valves, and microwave tubes.  Other sources of Kovar scrap and Kovar alloy scrap recycled by Monico Alloys include Pyrex glass and ceramic material hermetic seals, and photography flash bulbs.

Even though there is a wide variety of technology used to recycle scrap metal such as Kovar scrap and Kovar alloy scrap, the main goal at Monico Alloys is returning scrap metal to consumers as a useable product.

Monico Alloys specializes in Kovar (Rodar) scrap.

Today there is a global trade in the buying and selling of high temperature scrap alloys in which Monico Alloys plays an active part.  The forecasts are that the volume for both buyers and sellers will continue to increase.

So whether you need to buy alloy scrap or sell a quantity of alloy scrap, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310) 928-0168 or info@monicoalloys.com.