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Zirconium Scrap & Zirconium Alloy Scrap


Zirconium scrap (Zr Scrap) and zirconium alloy scrap (Zr Alloy Scrap) are created from a zirconium and hafnium metal which is produced from zircon sand. Typically both metals, prior to being scrap metals, are in the ore in a 50:1 ratio of zirconium to hafnium.

Zirconium scrap and zirconium alloy scrap are recycled by only a few companies in the U.S. and Monico Alloys is one of those few. The recycling process of zirconium scrap and zirconium alloy scrap consist of melting down the scrap with other metals and then finish with a separating process. Zirconium scrap and zirconium alloy scrap are generated from scrap metal during metal production and/or fabrication. Granted these may make it seem like there is any abundance of zirconium scrap and zirconium alloy scrap but in the long term if companies dont start recycling zirconium scrap and zirconium alloy scrap, along with other scrap metals, like Monico Alloys, there could end up being a shortage over time.

Today there is a global trade in the buying and selling of high temperature scrap alloys in which Monico Alloys plays an active part. The forecasts are that the volume for both buyers and sellers will continue to increase.

So whether you need to buy alloy scrap or sell a quantity of alloy scrap, please do not hesitate to contact us at (310)928-0168 or info@monicoalloys.com

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