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CP Titanium & CP Titanium Scrap

CP titanium and CP titanium scrap are also known as Commercially Pure titanium and Commercially Pure titanium scrap. CP titanium and CP titanium scrap can be found in flat and solid commercially pure titanium mill shapes including: titanium wire, titanium rod, titanium bar, titanium sheet, titanium strip, titanium foil, titanium coil, titanium plate, titanium flat bar and titanium discs.

CP titanium and CP titanium scrap are produced in the form of bars, rods, sheets and wires in various sizes. In the process, up to 40-45% of commercially pure titanium scrap can be generated. The accumulation of CP titanium and CP titanium scrap over several years is a serious concern for safety and storage, and inventory carrying cost that plagues companies all over the world.

Monico Alloys Buys and Sells Commercially Pure titanium, and process Commercially Pure titanium scrap and a host of other titanium alloys that play very important roles in the global metal trading business. CP titanium and CP titanium scrap form a wide range of industrial applications, both for commercial and strategic applications, and are traded all over the world.